Festival 2021

Indie Clips Short Film Festival 2021

Festival 2021

Welcome to our first edition of the indie-clips' festival !

This year, we present to you the winners of our different categories such as "Best Director", "Best Cinematography", "Best Student Short Film"...

All short films received to participate to the indie-clips' festival were created and produced by independent directors and here they are now for you to watch on indie-clips.com.

First, we present to you the directors who have won the heart of this year's panel of judges with their dramatic and emotional stories:

1st Prize

Odd & Maud by Michael Axelsson, 2016

Synopsis: Odd & Maud is a short film about an old man, Odd, and his wife Maud. Odd is constantly worried about not being with his wife Maud when she passes away. All he wants is to stay with her in the retirement home and take care of her, but this proves to be anything but simple. He must take matters into his own hands.

The Judges' thoughts:

"A very well paced short film with amazing actors"

"An unexpected story, and yet so relevant."

"I had tears in my eyes"

Michael's "Thank You" video:

2nd Prize

Spare Parts by Paul Barrie, 2019

Synopsis: Gerry (Hamish Clark) is a lonely car mechanic whose world is shaken when he meets Joanna (Shauna Macdonald), a widow whose past is tied with his.

The Judges' thoughts:

"Genuine characters giving life to a beautifully written story"

"Dramatic, romantic, and simply touching."

Paul's "Thank You Video":

3rd Prize

Morin Khuur by Joshua Hugh Sternlight

Supporting Female Filmmaking is putting their short films under the spotlight, so here we present to you independent short films directed by women, all available on indie-clips:

1st Prize

The Elusive by Ely Chevillot, 2016

Synopsis: The Elusive tells the story of Catherine, a mother very close to her 12 year old son Clément, who discovers that recently, Clément has forced a girl from his class to kiss him. This short film explores the loving relationship of a mother and her son when facing the troubles that come at pre-adolescence, with the question of harassment and consent.

The Judge's thoughts:

"A very well written script with great cinematography"

"Casting was so on point added with brilliant direction"

"We want to see more!"

Ely's "Thank You" video:

2nd Prize

Don't Burst My Bubble by Victoria Malinjod, 2019

Synopsis: At a time when a woman becomes more aware of her body, a girl also discovers the behavior of certain men around women.

The Judges' thoughts:

"Great job on picking up a global issue which resonates with millions"

"Short and Crisp"

Victoria's Thank You Video:

3rd Prize

What The Cat Dragged In by Amelia Nashe, 2019

Synopsis: As a lonely old lady prepares to commit suicide, a disorientated young man follows a cat into her house and brings an unlikely possibility for friendship with him. 

The Judge's thoughts:

"In love with those opening shots!"

"Amelia showed her versatility in this film with her direction skills"

"Impressive female lead"

Amelia's "Thank You" video:

After rewarding our best directors, we are moving on to give a round of applause to our "Best Cinematography" films out there!

1st Prize

One More Last Kiss by Kayla Wang, 2020

Synopsis: Luna, an 80 year old single mother, spends all her life alone to show her daughter what strong, family love really is. 

The Judges' thoughts:

"the framing and camera movements were very well executed"

"Simply beautiful"

Watch Kayla's interview on the making of her short film:

2nd Prize

Unskin by Elcid Asaei, 2018

Synopsis: During an interview that does not seem to be going too well, Roger is asked to explain an unusual point on his CV. His answers unleash more than just facts and make the interviewer rethink his ways.

The Judges' thoughts:

"A thought provoking film"

"Explores issues of society in a way that I have never seen before"

Elcid's "Thank You" video:

3rd Prize

Threnody by Paul Barrie, 2018

Synopsis: Father Engel is an old, sickly parish priest in a small village. Struggling with his faith, he is further troubled by his visits to a local girl who is suffering from an unexplained illness.

The judges' thoughts:

"Beautiful and intense"

"The well executed images paired with this spooky story create a perfectly ominous atmosphere"

Paul's "Thank You" Video:

When it comes to independent filmmaking, student short films are usually the ones made with the lowest budgets (and experience), but these short films have impressed us and deserve some recognition, so we invite you to check out these student short films that are worth the watch: 

1st Prize

Juste Toi et Moi by Lilou Parage, 2020

Synopsis: Lou, a young woman, is living alone with an unwanted friend that she cannot seem to get rid of...

The Judges' thoughts:

"A well thought and, strangely, funny representation of anxiety"

"The use of earphones to record sound blew my mind: it is a perfect student / independent filmmaker trick"

Follow Lilou on Instagram: @lilouparage

2nd Prize

Camille by Emeric Gallego, 2020

Synopsis: The true story of a young actress going to a casting that does not feel right...

The judges' thoughts:

"explores a delicate subject with genuine intentions"

"criticizes with poetry"

Emeric's "Thank You" video:

3rd Prize

Rêverie by Nur Guzeldere, 2020

Synopsis: Rêverie portrays nature and the emotional connections that the human makes when we see our reflection in strangers.

The judges' thoughts:

"Poetic and pure"

"As soon as you start to watch, you notice the director's vision"

Watch Nur's interview on the making of her short film:

The last short films to be presented for this year's indie-clips festival are the documentary winners. These independent documentaries made on either small or no budgets present political, social and economical issues of today's world. 

1st Prize: 

Elezioni by Joséphine Jouannais, 2018

Synopsis: A short documentary on the Italian elections in 2018, showing us the rising tension as an extremist party gains votes.

The judges' thoughts:

"Joséphine has connected with the people in Palerma, gained their trust and presented their stories. A real skill in documentary filmmaking."

Watch Joséphine's interview on the making of her short film:

2nd Prize

Our Streets by Victoria Malinjod, 2020

Synopsis: During times of COVID-19, people were confined and forbidden to go out for weeks and even months. This new habit must have helped limit sexual harrassment in the streets... Or so we would think. 

The Judges' thoughts:

"You can feel that this subject is important to the director and that she has researched her sources."

"Documentaries are about exposing the truth and this one does the job remarkably."

Victoria's "Thank You" video:

3rd Prize

This is my home. by Claudiu Niculescu, 2020

Synopsis: The city of Brussels seen through the eyes of a homeless man.

The judges' thoughts:

"When documentary meets poetry..."

"A beautifully presented point of view."

This year, our pannel of judges was composed of young, international filmmakers who each brought their personal experience into the judging game!

Meghna Thakur

Journalist / Documentary filmmaker / Student in media & communications

Follow Meghna on Instagram: @thakurmeghna

Claudiu Niculescu

Director of Photography / Editor

Follow Claudiu on instagram: @claudiu_nm

Ambre Vanneste

Screenwriter / Director / Student in Creative Entrepreneurship

Follow Ambre on instagram: @ambrevanneste