About Us

Indie-Clips.com was created by filmmakers, for filmmakers. 

Indie-Clips was born an online streaming platform dedicated to promoting short films and their independent directors.

Now, Indie-Clips is more than a streaming platform!
It has become a place where all filmmakers can:

- Promote a short film to a larger audience

- Access educational content and exclusive interviews

- Publish and read film-related articles

- Access film competitions, events...

...And more!

Indie-Clips is all about spreading the culture of short-films to a larger audience while supporting independent filmmakers from all backgrounds. 

Indie-clips' mission is to put the independent directors and their work under the spotlight.

You are a beginning filmmaker and wish to learn some tips on how to make a good short film? 

How to find interesting story ideas... How to write an efficient script... How to make the best of your budget... 

Our Indie-Clips directors will answer all of the questions that a beginner in the audiovisual field might have!

Many of the short films that feature on our platform are accompagnied by a video interview of the film's director, talking about the challenges they faced during the production, and giving their best advice to young filmmakers in need. 

These interviews are, to us, the perfect way to make indie-clips more than a streaming platform. We want indie-clips to be a community of ambitious filmmakers who support each other in their work. 


Competitions, articles, tips and tricks...  Many more features are to come...

Only on indie-clips.com!

You wish for your short film or series to be published and advertised on indie-clips.com? 

It's very simple.

All we need is an e-mail!

Contact us at contactindieclips@gmail.com with the following information: 

- Your name and, if possible, a picture of the director

- A poster of your short film/series 

- a link to your short film/series or send the file as a .MP4 (via WeTransfer, for example)

We will watch the short film or your TV series and include it on our website.

We welcome any short film or series made without the help of a big production company, as an independent director, student or professional.

We do not publish feature films.