"Mixing Film and Theatre, a New York experience!" Indie-Clips Interview Nicholas Kennedy

In this interview, we sit and have a chat with independent executive producer Nicholas Kennedy based in New York, USA.

Indie-Clips Original Interview

Nicholas Kennedy, Executive Producer

We focus on 3 of Nicholas' latest works, the short films Off Book by Nyeem, A Little Holiday by Gonzalo, and Sky Coloured Grass, which Nicolas wrote and directed himself.

As these 3 short films are currently on their way into the short film festival circuit, Nicholas shares the best memories, biggest challenges and greatest insights he has gained as a filmmaker throughout these various experiences.

Having a background in both performing arts / theatre and film, Nicholas insists on the originality of mixing these arts, especially in the short film Off Book that tells the story of a Broadway Actor.

The theatrical aspect of Nicholas and his fellow directors' work definitely stands out in their stories.

When asked to share his number one advice to filmmakers out there wanting to start on their first short film, Nicholas says "Even if you're doing everything wrong... And I mean EVERYTHING wrong, if you truly have a dying urge to tell a story, go do it!"

Check out Nicholas Kennedy's official website here


And watch the trailers for the 3 short films below :

Sky Colored Grass


"A Little Holiday" This Space-Space Issue #3


"Off Book"