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Time After Time

A short film by Joy Brett

"Prepare to challenge your perception"


‘Time After Time’ is a story of love and grief. It follows a traditional 1950s young couple navigating through their life together. However, not everything is as it seems. Nancy wants to leave, but she can’t. Why? You will find out if you support and watch ‘Time After Time’.  This film will challenge your perception of love and loss, reality and insanity. It's a story you truly must witness. 

Short Summary

Our team of 9 are all Students at the University of Hertfordshire, and filmmakers! We understand the importance of good storytelling and how when it's done well, lives can be changed, shaped and inspired. 

This campaign is to fund our Graduate film, 'Time After Time', and we need your help in getting all the tools to tell this important story. Everyone has been hit by grief in some form throughout their lives, and this is how the crew all connected, and how we hope this film will connect with you. Through combining different time periods and perspectives on grief, we hope to give our audience a fresh and unique take on loss, and how far we would all for love.

What We Need

Part of your money will go towards casting our wonderful Nancy and her husband James. Getting the best possible dramatic actors is key to bringing this story to life. These actors need to have a real experience in drama and an understanding of grief which they can bring to this performance.

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