Top 10 Independent Movie Theatres in Belgium

Independent films require out-of-the-ordinary movie theatres to project them, and if you don't like going to the cinema giants to watch a movie, then you will enjoy these smaller independent cinemas filled with history.

1. Cinema Nova

Cinema Nova

Located in the heart of Brussels, Cinema Nova is known for its alternative and avant-garde film selections. It frequently hosts screenings of independent and experimental films from around the world, as well as retrospectives and themed series.

Check out Nova Cinema's official website for more information

2. Cinema Galeries

Cinema Galeries

Situated just off the famous Grand Place in Brussels, Cinema Galeries is a cozy and intimate theatre that screens a diverse range of independent and art-house films. It often hosts special events, discussions, and festivals celebrating cinema.

Check out Cinema Galeries' official website for more information

3. Cinema Aventure

Cinema Aventure

Tucked away in a historic building, Cinema Aventure offers a unique cinematic experience with its carefully curated selection of independent, classic, and cult films. It's a favorite among cinephiles for its eclectic programming.

Check out Cinema Aventure's official website for more information

4. Cinematek


As the Royal Belgian Film Archive, Cinematek is dedicated to preserving and promoting Belgium's cinematic heritage. It screens a wide array of classic and rare films from Belgian and international cinema, making it a must-visit for film enthusiasts.

Check out the Cinematek official website for more information

5. Cinema Vendôme

Cinema Vendôme

Situated in the lively Saint-Gilles neighborhood, Cinema Vendôme is a charming independent theatre known for its diverse programming, which includes independent, foreign-language, and documentary films. It also hosts film festivals and special events.

Check out Cinema Vendôme's official website for more information

6. Styx Cinema

Styx Cinema

Located in the university city of Leuven, Styx Cinema is a beloved institution among students and locals alike. It screens a mix of independent, foreign-language, and cult films, providing an alternative to mainstream cinema offerings.

The Styx Cinema is currently temporary closed for renovations.

7. Cinema Zuid

Cinema Zuid

Housed in the FOMU | Fotomuseum Antwerp complex, Cinema Zuid is known for its focus on art-house cinema, documentaries, and retrospectives. It often collaborates with cultural institutions to present thought-provoking film programs.

Check out the official website for more information

8. Cinema Zed

Cinema Zed

Another gem in Leuven's cinematic landscape, Cinema Zed is renowned for its eclectic mix of independent, international, and documentary films. It also hosts discussions, workshops, and special events, fostering a vibrant film community.

Check out Cinema Zed's official website for more information

9. Cinema Sphinx

Cinema Sphinx

Situated in the heart of Ghent, Cinema Sphinx is a cultural hub that screens a diverse range of independent and art-house films. It's known for its cozy atmosphere and commitment to showcasing thought-provoking cinema from around the world.

Check out the Sphinx Cinema Official website for more information

10. Cinema Cartoon's

Cinema Cartoon's

Nestled in the historic city of Antwerp, Cinema Cartoon's is a cozy theatre that specializes in independent, arthouse, and animated films. It's a favorite among locals for its intimate setting and carefully curated film selections.

Check out the Cinema Cartoon's official website for more information


These independent movie theatres in Belgium offer cinephiles a diverse range of cinematic experiences, from avant-garde and experimental films to classic masterpieces and thought-provoking documentaries. Whether you're in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, or Leuven, there's a unique theatre waiting to enchant you with its carefully curated programming.