ICSFF 2024 : Catalogue "Films for a Change"

For the 2024 edition of the Indie-Clips Short Film Festival, we gathered online 8 international filmmakers and their short films exploring social change in various ways using a fun, interactive portfolio we called the "ICSFF Catalogue : filmmaking as a way of sparking social change"

ICSFF 2024 : Catalogue "Films for a Change"

Facing the online challenge 

Facing the challenge of being able to gather international filmmakers and spark a connection between them, Indie-Clips has put in place a private, online catalogue that presents each of their short films in a new, exciting way. This initiative not only aims to highlight the creative works of these filmmakers but also to create a vibrant and engaging platform where their talents can be fully appreciated.

The catalogue offers an in-depth look at each filmmaker, starting with a short biography that gives insights into their journey and influences. Additionally, it features their favorite films, which provide a glimpse into their cinematic tastes and inspirations. Fun experiences on set are shared, giving readers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of their films, along with contact information to facilitate direct communication and networking opportunities.

Each filmmaker is further showcased through their own Indie-Clips Original Interview. These interviews delve deeper into the personal stories and creative processes behind their short films, uncovering the unique challenges and triumphs they faced during production. This section of the catalogue is designed to be particularly engaging, offering a rare and personal perspective that brings the filmmaking experience to life for the viewer.

An eye-opening experience in distribution

Through this experience, we at Indie-Clips have discovered that traditional "press kits" and distribution materials need a modern twist to remain effective and engaging. By making these materials visual, fun, and interactive, we have created a more dynamic and appealing way to present filmmakers' work. This approach not only enhances the visibility of their films but also enriches the viewer's experience, making it more memorable and impactful.

In conclusion, the Indie-Clips private online catalogue is more than just a collection of short films; it is a comprehensive and immersive experience that connects filmmakers with audiences and industry professionals alike.

By reimagining the way we present and distribute film content, we are fostering a more interconnected and vibrant filmmaking community.

A potential new way of showcasing and distributing short films at Indie-Clips ? Yes, for sure ! With more developmment, research, trial and error, Indie-Clips hopes to engage more filmmakers into this catalogue experience and benefit both distributors and filmmakers in their search. 

The participants of this year's ICSFF Catalogue : Filmmaking as a way of sparking social change

Xiao Jiao - #3099

A heartfelt comedy-drama following a quirky and ever curious donor child called Rick, who is slowly starting to comprehend the method of his conception, motivating him to embark on a mission of finding his biological father.

Mafalda Jares - Ceci est mon Corps (This is my Body)

"Ceci est mon corps" strikes visually to denounce the abuse of power in religious environments. No words needed, the strange, fantastic frames of the short speak for themselves.

Alexander Chettur and Jean Daly - Inner Rhythm 

When life looks dour. A dancer must go on a journey of self-discovery to see if they have what it takes to move into the industry of dance.

Ijeoma Okochi - What were you wearing

A film that explores the influence of fashion on rape culture in Nigeria

Emma Stockwielder - Seeds of the Desert (short documentary)

Meet Mohamed Aissaoui, owner of "My Farm Dubai", a biodynamic farm in the boiling desert of Dubai. Besides creating a high quality food in a 100% sustainable way, it's his mission to share his knowledge with as many people as possible and Dubai is according to Mohamed the perfect place.

Seeds Of The Desert is a tribute to his work and his beliefs. 

Esteban Longo-Murit and Giovanni Criscenzo - Pluton n'est pas une Planète (Pluto is not a Planet)

Leo is a young autistic student who decides to go on a speed-dating. His mental issues stop him from connecting with the other participants. He is then approached by Nico, a young seducing boy who will manage to create an intimacy with Leo. Facing an unknown terrain, Leo uses his passion for planets as an emotional refuge.