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"One Last Mission"

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Title : 

Scholarship : "One Last Mission"

Synopsis :

Ace has saved up and is ready for his future in an Ivy League university with a full scholarship.
Time has finally come to give up the game and ‘ace’ the interview with the university rep coming down for an in person assessment.
However, he is not quite done yet! Suddenly there’s one more errand he must run and happens to have a posh, naive, smartly dressed man he has to drag along with him.
Now he has to finish the mission, impress the rep, all while trying to keep them both alive.

Director's note : 

"Scholarship is a light hearted 'hood' comedy that is intended to steer away from the usual age old, morbid or overly goofy UK London street tales and rather focuses on how the street life can continue to pull you in; however with the right choices one can always manage to find their way out of the hood."

- Thight Rocwel
(Director and Executive Producer)

About Roscyn 

The idea behind Rocsyn - is a production entity that establishes campaigns to work alongside aspiring, independent as well as experienced creatives. developing opportunities for artists of all walks of life, skill and background to work in synergy in expanding each individual's portfolio.

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