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It is What it Is

A short film by Baird Media



In 1971, in Apartheid South Africa, a young Jehovah's Witness refuses to be conscripted into the South African Defence Force. He is sentenced to nine months in the military detention barracks (DB), where he is marked as a troublemaker.

He refuses to wear the uniform, as this would make him a soldier. As punishment, his sentence is extended and he is sent to solitary confinement.

Even though they try to break him, young Tom refuses to budge, standing steadfast in his refusal to obey orders. His sentence gets extended again and again, and his time in solitary confinement, and later the dreaded "dark cells", shapes him into the man he is today.

When eventually he is released, after his father convinces the government to amend the country's laws, his secret comes out, and both his church and family abandon him. Will this finally set him free to live his own life?

The Project:

For our first fundraising effort, we want to raise money for the production design.

Our budget is as follows:

  • Production Designer R 10,000
  • Set design R 10,000
  • Costume Design R 10,000

Anything raised above this goal will be used for Art Department and Set Construction.

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