Lies Behind their Eyes - ep. 5 Ghost of Mine - Alberto Ornelas

Lies Behind their Eyes - ep. 5 Ghost of Mine - Alberto Ornelas

Lies Behind their Eyes - episode 5 "Ghost of Mine" - Alberto Ornelas

Lies Behind Their Eyes leads the minds of their viewers on a thrilling tour of short stories featuring everyday hauntings of the mind that create the lies we tell ourselves to get through the day. 

A series by Alberto Ornelas and his crew: The Bomb TV based in Texas, USA. 

Enjoy the 5th episode, Ghost of Mine:

A man's metal is tested many times throughout his life. It's what builds character. Confronting one's own mortality when Death presents itself can instill petrifying fear, infantile sobs, or acceptance of the inevitable. Diego's(Ramos) test falls upon him in this episode as we see him struggle with his grim reality of how will he return to his wife Jess(Ornelas). Now that Shaun's(Leos) plans have followed through he must live with the consequences of his actions. His conscious screaming his name in the back of his mind has left him constantly looking over his shoulder, but Petey(Mendoza) reassures him that all loose ends have been taken care of. But have they?

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Director: Alberto Ornelas (Episodes 1-6)
Co - Directors: Geno Reyna (Episode 1 and 3)
Assistant Director: Pedro Mendoza (Episodes 1-6)
Editor: Alberto Ornelas (Episodes 1-6)
Show Created By: Alberto Ornelas & Isa Rogers
Written By: Isa Rogers (Episodes 1-5), Alberto Ornelas (Episodes 1,3,5 and 6) and Geno Reyna (Episode 3)

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