Interview - J.J Pollack on "Jettison"

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J.J Pollack on his short film "Jettison"

In this interview, we sit and have a chat with Texas-based filmmaker J.J Pollack about the making of his science-fiction short film "Jettison".

J.J takes us through the hidden metaphors behind this story of a young woman travelling to another planet and losing contact with her friends and relatives back on Earth. 

We also explore the budgeting of this 10 000$ science-fiction short film, highlighting the importance of set design and costumes on such productions. 

 As J.J shares with us the funny memories of his shooting, from the building of the space travelling "coffin" to funny experiences with some actors on set, he shares his main advice to independent filmmakers: to keep in touch with your team, have a clear set of milestones to achieve and respect your deadlines. Filmmaking is not all creative, it also involves a great deal of planning and that is often what is missing on independent productions.

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