Indie-Clips Original Interview - Pol Diggler "Sincopat"

An insightful interview with Pol Diggler, winner of the Grand Prix award at 7ème Aaaargh Retro Film Festival with his short film "Sincopat"

Indie-Clips Original Interview


A short film by Pol Diggler

In this interview, we sit and have a chat with Director and Film Teacher Pol Diggler, who takes us through the making of his short film "Sincopat", winner of the Grand Prix at the 7ème Aaaargh Retro Film Festival 2023.

From the importance of music and editing, Pol explains to us the process of creating a short film that holds the audience in anxiety, and shares to us his key advice : create FOR the audience, thinking about their reaction when watching the film.

As Pol reminds us in the interview, as we are sharing our work to an audience, it is important to "surprise them" with a twist, an element of surprise.

Watch the Behind the Scenes and music video of "Sincopat" here: