Interview - Annie Harmon & Ernest Dempsey

Indie-Clips Original Interview 

Annie Harmon & Ernest Dempsey

on the making of their short film "Stinger Scott"

In this interview, we sit and have a chat with screenwriters Annie Harmon and Ernest Dempsey about the making of their short film "Stinger Scott".

 Annie narrates to us the hardships of being a first-time director on this 0 budget film and how she overcame sound, editing and other issues during production and post-production.

 Annie and Ernest also engage in a compelling conversation about screenwriting being a mix of "mass productivity", writing as many ideas down as possible, but also "dedication", because screenwriters/directors also need to be able to hold on to one project until its completion.

 Annie and Ernest are currently working on a new project together and we cannot wait to see what these independent filmmakers will show us next!

 Watch the short film "Stinger Scott"