Interview Roman Olkhovka & Nikita Yefimov

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Roman Olkhovka & Nikita Yefimov

Music Video "Saving Love"

In this interview, we sit and have a chat with Russian filmmakers Roman Olkhovka and Nikita Yefimov about the making of their narrative music video « Saving Love », a love story taking place at a time of war.

Roman, music and film producer, takes us through the making of his very first narrative music video with the help of his producer, Nikita. From the origins of the story to the budget-saving techniques on set, the filmmakers tell us the story of how "Saving Love" was made, but also of how it was received on Russian broadcast TV.

Roman and Nikita rejoice at the fact that their short film was not only distributed amongst 14 other selected films in a national competition, but also that the film brought tears to the eyes of their loved ones, a feeling that filmmakers dream of when it comes to audience reaction.

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