Interview Max Sappa

Interview Maw Sappa

Interview Max Sappa

Short films "Happy Birthday my Dear" and "Respect 101"

In this interview, Italian filmmaker Max Sappa goes back to the making of his thriller/mystery short films "Happy Birthday My Dear" and "Respect 101", giving us his perpesctive as an independent screenwriter/director. 

Amongst many insightful screenwriting tips including the technique of blending comedic elements into a serious situation, Max shares with us his number 1 tip for all independent filmmakers on set: 

"No matter how many doubts you have, don't show them"

Indeed, the director, as the leader of the artistic project, needs to be the most confident person on a set. A film crew will sparkle under directors that show confidence and trust in themselves and their team. 

Max's short films are available for you to watch here, on!

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