Interview Victoria Malinjod - "Don't Burst my Bubble"

Interview Victoria Malinjod - "Don't Burst my Bubble"

Mar 28, 2021 - 04:40
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Interview Victoria Malinjod - "Don't Burst my Bubble"

In this interview, Victoria Malinjod tells us about her short film "Don't Burst My Bubble", who has (for now) won 7 awards in different countries such as the USA, Italia, Germany... 

Her short film lasts less than 5 minutes: a mini format that can be very interesting, yet challenging. So much information to communicate in so little time... 
It might not seem like it, but the very short format is actually one of the hardest ones to make. Yet, our Belgian filmmaker Victoria Malinjod nailed it! 

Her biggest advice: compose your team with people who actually believe in your project and see its worth. It can happen sometimes that the crew's motivation fades away as the project develops... And that is the worst thing that could happen for you as a director. 

Choose your crew well and communicate with them all throughout the production. 

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