El Cucuy - Alberto Ornelas

El Cucuy a short film by Alberto Ornelas

El Cucuy

Directed by Alberto Ornelas


Most kids grow out of believing in Santa, The Easter Bunny, or even the tooth fairy. Then there’s the boogeyman, the babayaga, and el cucuy. Three different names for the same being that represents fear and fear is something that you can’t outgrow. Franco has recently become a widower along with losing his only son in the same accident and continuously seeks for answers at the bottom of a bottle. Until one night Franco couldn’t go to sleep out of sorrow and alcohol. His deteriorating mental-state has made him aware of an uninvited guest that has infiltrated his home.

This new short film by Alberto Ornelas and his independent production company TheBombTV will guarantee a few jumpscares: a perfect film for a Halloween short film night!

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