Now Hiring - Alberto Ornelas

Now Hiring - Alberto Ornelas

Apr 24, 2021 - 02:13
Apr 24, 2021 - 02:20
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Now Hiring - Alberto Ornelas

Now Hiring is a short film by the screenwriter/director Alberto Ornelas and his independent production company "The Bomb TV" based in Texas, USA.

Synopsis:  Josh has been working his way up the corporate ladder only to be kneecapped by the higher ups. He works long hours into the night five times a week just to prove to head office how valuable he is. So valuable he sacrifices time with his family which has led to in office infidelity. His only real friend is the newly hired custodian George which he vents to when there's no one else at the office.

This short film has been officially selected at the Kalakari film festival. 

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We also invite you to check out Alberto's exclusive interview about the making of his short web-series "Lies Behind their Eyes".

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Alberto Ornelas Alberto M. Ornelas. Prodigy by definition. A child who shortly after taking his first steps developed his love for music and dancing to the point he signed at a young age. Alberto honed his skills as an artist and entertainer and in his teens landed a part in the Disney group SAVVY; beating out thousands of other kids. A great work ethic can take you far in life in addition to always improving on your craft. Alberto learned this well as he went on to work with many big names in the industry such as the Kumbia Kings, Baby Bash, and Nick Lachey of ninety-eight degrees. He has written songs that now number in the thousands. And all of this was just the beginning for Mr. Ornelas for now that burning drive which has been with him since his childhood steers him into the realm of film and television. Cinematic giants such as Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, and Robert Rodriguez turned up the heat in Alberto’s heart so much for him to say, “I can do that.” And like Robert Rodriguez, Alberto is la Swiss army knife of talent: writer, director, editor, cinematographer, composer, singer, and cook. Yes he even cooks. This Jack of all trades has not only the drive to entertain, but also to learn. Alberto prides himself in his love of learning new things. He also does magic and massage therapy. Above all else the greatest work he’s had a hand in; was becoming a husband and father. He married his best friend and partner in business and life, Tosha Ornelas. He is the father of four brilliant boys. Tristan is the eldest turning sixteen this coming December 2020. His brothers fall in with the second son Brooklyn at age 14, followed by rising star Lyric at 7, and last but not least the young cub Kayden at 4 years old. This is Alberto’s heart and soul support, family. Family can be the most important treasure in a person’s life and for his family Alberto has become someone many pretend to be, a man. The absolute definition of someone who works hard to provide not only money and food to his family, but love and time. A family is like gardening you have to work real hard to take care of it and Alberto has that green thumb. His love extends to his friends that he considers family and always has room at his dinner table. Alberto has set his sights on taking over the film industry in South Texas with his film company The Bomb TV, a product of his record label The Bomb Records, and his crew of banditos. Alberto Ornelas is also The Owner and Founder of The Bomb TV