Threnody - Paul Barrie

Short Film Threnody by Paul Barrie


Directed by Paul Barrie

Synopsis :

Father Engel is an old, sickly parish priest in a small village. Struggling with his faith, he is further troubled by his visits to a local girl who is suffering from an unexplained illness.

As he ponders her condition, a chance meeting on the village path reveals to him that the illness is being orchestrated by the Devil, who has taken the form of Lilith, his housekeeper, as a means to torment him. 

He musters all of his strength and returns to the parochial house for a deadly final confrontation with the Devil, risking his own life to save the soul of the child. 

Filmed in a variety of locations near Glasgow, Threnody is a dark theological drama created by students on the BA Digital Film and Television course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. 

Threnody has won the 3rd prize for « Best Cinematography » at the indie-clips festival: 2021 edition!

« A very strong choice in the editing and production design that fits perfectly with the movie’s atmosphere » - « very captivating » 

- Claudiu Niculescu, judge for the « Best Cinematography » prize

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