Spare Parts - Paul Barrie

Short film Spare Parts by Paul Barrie

Spare Parts

Directed by Paul Barrie


Gerry (Hamish Clark) is a lonely car mechanic whose world is shaken when he meets Joanna (Shauna Macdonald), a widow whose past is tied with his.


Gerry - Hamish Clark

Joanna - Shauna Macdonald

Barman - David Barrie

Davie - John Barrie

Matt - Paul Pearson

Written & Directed by Paul Barrie

Producer - Victoria Jones

Director of Photography - Martin Macleod

1st Assistant Director - Fionnuala McCann

Editor - Elettra Arnell

Original Music by Pete Macdonald

A Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Production.

This short film has won the 2nd prize for "Best Director" at the indie clips festival: 2021 edition!

« Genuine characters in a beautifully written story »

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