Indie-Clips Original Interview - Frank Van Den Bogaart "Donkerster"

Indie-Clips Original Interview

Frank Van Den Bogaart


In this interview, Belgian filmmaker Frank Van Den Bogaart takes us into the fantastic world of Donkerster, winner of the « Best Belgian short film » at the 7ème Aaaargh Retro film Festival.

From building a dark, magical cave with the means available to working with a little crew during COVID times, Frank shares to us his main challenges and best memories on the set of his end-of-the-year student film. Frank also shares his best piece of advice to all beginning filmmakers : « contact all the people you want to work with, you’d be surprise by who says yes. »

It is with that same mindset that Frank contacted Jan, an actor he has always admired, to be playing the role of « Atlas » in his short.

Enjoy this interview accompanied by Behind The Scenes pictures from the set,

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