A New Year's Dance directed by Szu-Wei Chen - Indie-Clips Original Interview

Indie-Clips Original Interview A New Year's Dance, short film written and directed by Szu-Wei Chen

In this interview, we sit and have a chat with young independent filmmaker Szu-Wei Chen based in New York, USA.

For his thesis short film, Szu-Wei built a whole community of Chinese actors and non-actors by reaching out and networking around New York.

With his team, Szu-Wei faced challenges such as finding the right locations and managing his cast on set, all a great experience for him as a director.

When asked to share his best advice for beginning filmmakers making their first short film, Szu-Wei tells us that as a director, you must "stay authentic to yourself and your story.", a great piece of advice knowing that the short film A New Year's Dance is based on the director's real experience as a Taiwanese who has been living in New York for 5 years.

A New Year's Dance is not yet available to watch online, but this interview is a must-see for any directors who want to give a try working with non-actors and making down-to-earth, realistic short films.

Szu-Wei's Instagram : @sc4285

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