Interview Dianna Ippolito - "Stay"

Interview Dianna Ippolito - "Stay"

Indie Clips Original Interviews present... Dianna Ippolito and her short web series "Stay"

Today, we meet the American Director Dianna Ippolito and talk about her short web-series, "Stay", that was noticed at festivals and Released on Amazon Prime. 

Dianna gives very good advice on how to make your story work with a small budget, and inspires us to never give up on our production! 

"There is always a way to work around your budget, be creative!

The motivational speech we, independent directors, all need to hear!

To watch "Stay" on, click here!

If you wish to watch more short films by Dianna Ippolito, I invite you to check out

her website 

You can also find Dianna's other short films: The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress, Naked and The Disembodied on!