Interview Kayla Wang - "One More Last Kiss"

Interview Kayla Wang - "One More Last Kiss"

Interview of Kayla Wang on her short film "One More Last Kiss"

Kayla Wang, an independent female filmmaker based in Vancouver, Canada, takes us in the Behind The Scenes of her very first short film, "One More Last Kiss"

Kayla shares with us a very important lesson about directing a short film: it is a challenge, yet a necessity to be able to control your stress, no matter what goes wrong during the shooting. 

Shootings can be very stressfull, especially when the scene is shot under harsh conditions such as outside at night or on a rainy/cold day... 

Sometimes, it won't be a weather problem, but simply a technical issue or even an actor not feeling great.

Kayla has been through some very stressful times on the set of "One More Last Kiss" and even though she has experienced difficulties all through the shooting and during the editing, her short film managed to win awards and get the recognition it deserves!

"Be aware that something will go wrong on your set, and it's okay!"

Morale of the story is don't panick: your team supports you and you will figure it out all together!