Happy Birthday my Dear by Max Sappa

Happy Birthday my Dear short film Max Sappa

Jan 29, 2022 - 02:34
Jan 29, 2022 - 02:36
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Happy Birthday my Dear

A short mystery by Max Sappa


Emma, an attractive middle-aged housewife, has just finished the last touches for the sixtieth surprise party for her beloved husband, Oscar. At that exact moment, a mysterious man calls declaring that he's Oscar's lover. Before she can digest the shocking news, the excitable guests arrive Champagne in hand. Little do they know that these won't be the only bubble to burst...

Written and Directed by Massimiliano Sappa

Original Music by Rhys D. Webb

Cinematography by Stephen Rangott

Film Editing by Casey Hilton

Sound Editing by Rhys D. Webb

Production Design by Fabiana Coll & Sarah Power

Art Direction by Sarah Power

Makeup Artist - Keshia Dolce

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maxsappa I am a former TV editor turned screenwriter. A few years spent in post-production as well as a video journalist and a writer/director of short films have sharpened my ‘storytelling sense’. Feel free to contact me regarding my projects or yours. I am always up for a serious conversation or just for a yarn