Interview Emma Stokwielder - Seeds of the Desert

Interview Emma Stokwielder

"Seeds of the Desert"

Today we sit and have a chat with Emma Stokwielder, the director of Seeds of the Deserts, winner of "Best Short Documentary" at the 2022 edition of the Indie-Clips Short Film Festival. 

Emma takes us through her journey as a first-time documentary filmmaker and shares the tips and tricks she learned along the way. 

One of our favorite advice shared by Emma is the need for a documentary filmmaker to take time to form a real bond with their subject before and during the shooting. A subject at ease with the documentary filmmaker is a subject that will share the most! 

Another one of our favorite tips: don't hesitate to shoot and don't look for perfection when filming a documentary. All those "raw" shots that you filmed will end up very useful during editing to tell your story. 

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