Interview Peter Chipping - Indie Clips Short Film Festival 2022

Special Industry Guest Interview:
Peter Chipping at the Indie Clips Short Film Festival 2022

Peter is a multi-award winning television director, producer and writer. He’s worked on many genres across ITV, BBC, C5 and American TV channels; National Geographic, Discovery ID, The Crime and Investigation channel and Reelz. He has a long experience of making programmes from drama to specialist factual, with credits spanning Nazi Megastructures, Autopsy: The Last Hours of, Car S.O.S to true crime, featuring some of the world’s most notorious serial killers. Peter has also lectured and mentored at Ravensbourne University and The Met Film School, and is a full voting member of BAFTA. 

In this interview at the 2022 Indie Clips Short Film Festival, we sit and have a chat with Peter about his debut in the filmmaking industry, his advice to beginning filmmakers and the importance of attending film festivals. 


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