Indie-Clips Original Interview - Ciao Zhao

Indie-Clips Original Interview

Ciao Zhao, producer of 

The Story of This Life

In this interview, we sit down and have a chat with independent filmmaker and producer Ciao Zhao about her latest short film The Story of This Life. 

Synopsis: After losing his son during the pandemic, A Chinese father flies over to Los Angeles to collect the remnants. Accompanied by his young translator, he embarks on a journey of grief and reconciliation.

The Story of This Life was officially selected at the 2023 Shanghai International Short Week as well as the 2022 HollyShorts Screenplay Contest Semifinalist.

Ciao takes us through the writing of the short film with her friend Alex Jiang, shares to us some backstage stories of how the short film was made and, as a producer, shares to us her best advice for beginning filmmakers:

To make sure that whenever someone (potentially a producer) is reading your script, they know what the story is about, and why this short film should exist.

You can find all of Ciao's past and upcoming projects on her website:

And follow her on social media for more content @ciao_xinyu

Watch the Trailer to The Story of This Life: